Fujian Longyan Jiulong Water Pump Manufacturing Corporation Ltd. is one of the largest-scale professional water pump manufacturers in Fujian Province. The company inherited the "Longshui" brand trademark and has more than 60 years of production experience. The company's products are widely used in civil construction, petrochemicals, chemical engineering, coal mining, papermaking, electrical power engineering, mining, and many other industries. Jiulong's customers are all over the country, and many of the products are exported to Somalia, South Yemen, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Iran, and other countries.

                                              Jiulong has established a water pump research institute, which is specializing in developing new products and new technologies. In recent years, Jiulong has continuously strengthened its technical capabilities by cooperating with many famous universities and other companies, such as the Jiangsu University of Technology, Shenyang Water Pump Research Institute by Beijing Xunhang High-Tech Corporation, and Aerospace Petrochemical Technology Equipment Engineering Company. In order to meet customer’s needs, the company also newly built a large-scale pump testbed that meets the national B-level accuracy standards. In addition, the company has a number of offices throughout the country, and there are more than 300 employees to provide customers with professional and best service.

                                              To broaden the company's sales channels, the company sincerely recruits sales agents around the world. We want to invite units and individuals who are interested, reputable, capable, and willing to develop with us to join the marketing network of Jiulong Pumps to create a better future together.

                                              IS single-stage and single-suction centrifugal pump
                                              D type multistage centrifugal pump
                                              CS series single stage double suction split centrifugal pump
                                              XBD-JLW Type Fire Pump
                                              XBD-CNDH Type Fire Pump
                                              DL series vertical multistage fire fighting pump



                                              Copyright: Longyan Jiulong Water Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.     

                                              AddressNo. 21, Longgong Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Longyan City, Fujian Province, China  

                                               Tel: 0086-597-2962330


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